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The East Campus Discovery Days and Farmers Market is a free community event designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. We are excited to kick off our inaugural season with the live entertainment listed below. More acts will be announced soon.


Boots&Cats is the first all treble a cappella group at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Established in 2011, the group consists of sixteen undergraduate students from all areas of campus. The cats sing a variety of styles, ranging from jazz to top 40 music. In their free time, they enjoy beat boxing lessons and indulging in a slice of pie or two.

Gabe Nelson Logo

Gabe Nelson

Gabe Nelson is a multi-genre musician, based out of Lincoln Nebraska, Gabe uses soul, rock, country and blues to create his unique, yet classic sound, which reflects the characters and stories of the American Landscape!!

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Jonathan Leach

Jonathan Leach is a Black-American musician and producer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. A storyteller at heart, Leach produces music that is raw and deeply rooted in human experience. Whether a song includes vocals or is purely instrumental, its complexity invites the listener to lean into what they are hearing.

Jonathan began writing his own songs when he was in 7th grade, because, “It was the most correct thing I could do. It was time to start trying to create, and I wanted to do it desperately—to be a part of the creative process of music. I bought a notebook and decided that was the notebook where I would write all my songs.”  

His notebook filled with lyrics has since evolved to score sheets as he composes jazz-inspired instrumentals—weaving lead lines and rhythm into beautiful and compelling opportunities. In his own words, “Music is all about choices. In jazz, you get to make a different choice every time, and that’s what makes it so fun—I’m constantly creating and each performance holds something new.”  

When he’s not performing or teaching lessons, Leach shares his love of music with the community as the Youth Music Director at City Impact. Through music, he facilitates a space for them to express themselves and worship. As a full-time artist, he demonstrates for them that with hard work and dedication, you can pursue your creative and artistic dreams.

Today Jonathan is focused mainly on writing, recording, and publishing his original music. His direction has begun to shift from primarily a songwriter and vocalist, to composer and pianist—continually evolving as the world around him does too.

Lazzi: An Improv Troupe

Lazzi is a UNL student organization that specializes in short form improv. Lazzi, which is an Italian word for improvised comic dialogue or action in the commedia dell’arte, is an award willing group that includes students from majors across the university.

Live Lyve Band Logo

Live Lyve Band

Presented by the Rwanda Student Association. 

Participatory Pandemoniom - Music 4 Young Children Logo

Participatory Pandemoniom - Music 4 Young Children

Children’s / Families’ all acoustic sing along (ages 0-5, but all ages welcome); this is a sit-on-the-grass (and/or blankets/carpet provided) and kids shake shakers and bells and beat on drums and dance and be silly and laugh.  By the music we make together, we show our love & appreciation for young children. We share our mooing, singing, dancing, playing joking, clucking, ABCing, Itsy Bitsy Spidering, popcorning, noses and more….

While Jim King plays (banjo, uke, guitar, nose flute, kazoo, etc) parents, grandparents with kids sit and sing along, clap, dance, play instruments (fruit shakers, rain sticks, Thomas the Train, tambourines, and more)  for 5-10-15 minutes, and then (probably) move on; it is designed as a come and go musical activity, join-in-and-have-fun-sing-along-for-young-children. Rest, let the little ones play. No beginning, no ending. 

Take Note

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s newest all-female A cappella group!

Live entertainment featuring both campus and local performers will be featured in front of Chase Hall during the East Campus Discovery Days and Farmers Market. If you are interested in performing, please contact Diane Lewis at