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We are very excited to welcome you to the summer 2021 inaugural East Campus Discovery Days and Farmers Market. All university departments, units and organizations are welcome to join us. To participate fill out the Campus Partner Form.

More information on activities to come.

Some of our Campus Activities

Backyard Farmer Garden & Nebraska Extension Master Gardeners Volunteers

Backyard Farmer has been dedicated to helping gardeners find solutions to their all their landscape questions for 69 years. Visit the Backyard Farmer Garden on East Campus and ask the Extension Master Gardener Volunteers your landscape questions. They can help with topics from insects, turf and weeds, rots and spots, vegetables, and critters, landscape design, and general horticulture/landscape topics. Or just wander the beautiful gardens and become inspired!

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) will be featuring an interactive game to learn more about programs and opportunities in the College. Visitors of all ages will come away with new information regarding food, water, energy, landscapes and people!

Color our Soil

At Color our Soil, Becky Young, assistant professor of practice, will guide participants through a soils station where it’s all about color and feature a coloring activity with soil crayons and a make-a-mini-profile activity.

Dinsdale Family Learning Commons

Check out the newly renovated Dinsdale Family Learning Commons. Each Discovery Day UNL Libraries will feature a different activity that combines storytelling and science. Visit them in August to participate in the following:

Weave Tempestries at Dinsdale Family Learning Commons

Discovery Days on East Campus wrap up the summer with a fun and fascinating project offered by the University Libraries at the Dinsdale Family Learning Commons. Help us weave yarn into a “tempestry” of the year 1964 (when the C.Y. Thompson Library opened). Tempestries are temperature tapestries that represent the daily high temperature for a given year and location using data from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In future programming, we will create a tempestry from 2020 data to visualize climate change in Lincoln, NE over 53 years. All supplies will be provided. Learn more about the Tempestry Project: https://www.tempestryproject.com

Other Activities at Dinsdale Family Learning Commons

Tours of the renovated building, visiting the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement kiosk, and picking up a seeded bookmark to use or plant. Dunkin Donuts will be offering samples of iced coffee and donuts.

Entomology Bee Lab

The entomology department's Bee Lab will be onsight to sell honey!  You can also learn about pollinators. 

Food Science and Technology

The Food Science and Technology department will have a booth with an interactive activity for kids and parents. Don't forget to stop by the UNL Dairy Store cart for some ice cream!

Forensic Science

Discover how forensic scientists make comparisons.  How many people in the world would have a fingerprint pattern like this one? Come and develop your fingerprint to see if it is the same or nearly the same.

Husker Bowling Center Logo

Husker Bowling Center

Home of the eight-time National Championship Husker women’s bowling team, the newly renovated Husker Bowling Center is opening their doors for a free round of bowling for participates of this event! Stop in the Nebraska East Union to STRIKE up some fun!

Husker Pantry

Husker Pantry has opened a new location on East Campus. Stop by their booth to learn more about the services offered. They are also accepting donations, so visit the website prior to attending for list of most needed items.

International Quilt Museum

Enjoy free admission to the world's largest publicly held quilt collection at the International Quilt Museum, 33rd and Holdrege streets. View dynamic exhibitions and explore the quilt-inspired garden and architecture.

International Student Fellowship ISF@UNL

International Student Fellowship provides opportunities for UNL international students of all levels to engage with the community at large.

This Christ centered student organization seeks to connect through English conversation tables, dinners, picnics, day trips and vacation travel to develop relationships that last a lifetime.

Come pick a daisy, we’d love to meet you!

Market Journal

Stop by the Market Journal booth to participate in some fun and games, and win some prizes!

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Plant Sales Logo

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Plant Sales

In June, native and regionally native plants from their greenhouse will be available to purchase.  Also, professionals will be available to share relevant plant and tree information, like dealing with Emeral Ashe Borer, suggested trees for Nebraska neighborhoods, sustainable gardening techniques, and  more.  Also, they will offer information about the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and the Nebraska Forest Service. 

Participatory Pandemoniom - Music 4 Young Children Logo

Participatory Pandemoniom - Music 4 Young Children

Children’s / Families’ all acoustic sing along (ages 0-5, but all ages welcome); this is a sit-on-the-grass (and/or blankets/carpet provided) and kids shake shakers and bells and beat on drums and dance and be silly and laugh.  By the music we make together, we show our love & appreciation for young children. We share our mooing, singing, dancing, playing joking, clucking, ABCing, Itsy Bitsy Spidering, popcorning, noses and more….

While Jim King plays (banjo, uke, guitar, nose flute, kazoo, etc) parents, grandparents with kids sit and sing along, clap, dance, play instruments (fruit shakers, rain sticks, Thomas the Train, tambourines, and more)  for 5-10-15 minutes, and then (probably) move on; it is designed as a come and go musical activity, join-in-and-have-fun-sing-along-for-young-children. Rest, let the little ones play. No beginning, no ending. 

Pesticide Education Station

At the Pesticide Education station, Jennifer Weisbrod, assistant extension educator, will give out Mr. Yuk stickers and participating youth will get to match pesticide term definitions and identify the pest in a pesticide game.  

Plant Pathology Diagnostics Clinic

  • Basic plant disease diagnostics from Plant Pathology Diagnostics Clinic 
  • Informational posters on common Nebraska agriculture plant diseases and common diseases in Nebraska horticulture industry, gardens, and lawns.
  • Facts on the major pathogen groups – provided by Plant Pathology graduate students. Will provide some microscopes to show examples of pathogen groups
  • Description of major duties of the Plant Pathology department – what is a plant pathologist?

Plant Your Vegetables/Fruit

At Plant Your Vegetables/Fruit booth, agronomy and horticulture students will split open fresh peppers and tomatoes for participating youth to observe and learn about seeds, characteristics of a plant and plant succession. Participants will plant seeds in a cup of soil to take home to grow in their own garden. They will also be given growing and harvesting tips for their plant.

PuttSkee Golf Fun

Brought to you by the PGA Golf Management program at the university, PuttSkee is putting and SkeeBall in one! This fun game combines a golf putting green with arcade skeeball. You’ll always score a hole-in-one when you putt a golf ball into the cool new PuttSkee. Offered in June and July only.

Robert Hillestad Textile Gallery

Located in the Human Science Building, The Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery educates and increases awareness of the rich traditions of art, craft, design, and material culture expressed through the exhibition of all forms of textiles and apparel. Check out the cool, limited time exhibits:

  • The Silent Seller: Storytelling Through Visual Merchandising – June 12
  • Lidwina: Years 1-4 – July 10 and August 14.

Shel-Bee's Honey

Shel-Bee's Honey strives to produce high quality raw bottled honey and comb honey. They believe that honey should go directly from the bees to your table to preserve the benefits of unprocessed honey. Make sure to check out their website for more information!

Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design Booth

Have you ever wondered how our consumption decisions impact our environment?  Do you enjoy using science to drive innovation for consumer products and production processes?  Join Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design at the booth and inside the Human Science Building (Room 220) for a family-fun activity using textiles! 

University Museum / Morrill Hall

Stop by the Morrill Hall booth and join in on activities for kids of all ages.  Check out some fossil and natural history specimens.  Activities may include making elephant masks, elephant origami, or other natural history and science-themed crafts and activities.

Water Science Laboratory

Stop by the Water Science Laboratory booth to get an inside look into the research and water testing that happens on East Campus at the Water Sciences Lab.  The display will include the journey of a water sample and learn about what may be hiding in our water.